Universities In Poland

Education and living expenses are very economical in Poland, where many universities teach in English. The very high level of education quality leads international students from many different countries to study in Poland. Although the official language spoken in Poland is Polish, many universities in the country offer English education in departments such as Medicine, Engineering, Business Administration and Pharmacy.


Candidates who want to get university education in Poland should be high school graduates. Students are also not required to be successful in the university entrance exam or to be placed in a university in Turkey. Polish universities accept applicants in line with the courses they have taken in high school, their success status, qualifications and preferences. University education in Poland can be preferred in English or Polish. Undergraduate studies at Polish universities last three years. In some engineering departments, this period increases to 4 years. In Poland, Medical Education lasts six years, while Pharmacy and Dentistry education lasts five years.


Advantages of University Education in Poland


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You can start your university education right away by enrolling in the departments that best suit your high school education, qualifications and preferences in Poland. You do not need to earn any place in the university examination in your country.


Since you have studied in a European Union country, your diploma is valid in your country. After your education in Poland, you will be able to comfortably practice your profession both in your country and abroad.


Language of Instruction in Poland is English


Polish universities teach in English in many different fields and departments. If your English level is not sufficient, you can switch to the department after the first year of English preparatory education. If you wish, you can also choose to receive your education in Polish. If you prefer the dialect, your department options will be much more.

While studying in Poland, you will live in Europe and use the advantage of free movement throughout Europe with your Schengen visa.


Polish Universities

Warsaw University of Social Sciences (SWPS)WarsawThe best private university in Poland for undergraduate and master’s programs in psychology
University of WarsawWarsawVery good especially in social sciences with high world ranking
Warsaw University of TechnologyWarsawOne of the best technical universities in Europe in fields such as aircraft and space, mechatronics, computers and energy
University of Economics and Human Sciences WarsawWarsawAffordable university in Psychology, Banking and Computer Science
Warsaw School of Applied LinguisticsWarsawOne of the best Polish universities specializing in linguistics and interpreting.
Collegium CivitasWarsawOne of the best Polish universities specializing in Political Sciences
Warsaw Kozminski UniversityWarsawInternational award-winning and best business and economics school in Eastern Europe
Warsaw University of EconomicsWarsawOne of the best in Poland in international business and economics departments
Wroclaw University of TechnologyWroclawA well-established university where quality engineering education can be obtained at an annual cost of 3,000 Euros.
University of WroclawWroclawOne of the oldest and best quality public universities in Poland in the field of social sciences.
Wroclaw Medical UniversityWroclawOne of the most modern and quality TIP universities in Poland
Wroclaw University of EconomicsWroclawA boutique university where economics and business education can be taken at an annual cost of 2.500 Euros.
Vincent Pol UniversityLublinProfessional university in the fields of Sports, Tourism, Physiotherapy, Beauty Sciences
University of Information Technology and Management (UITM)RzesnowOne of the priority options in Poland in the field of Aviation, Logistics and Information Technologies
School of FormWarsawA very high quality and popular private university in industrial design and visual design.
Poznan Academy of Fine ArtsPoznanArt academy providing education in the fields of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics
Poznan Medical UniversityPoznanOne of the largest public universities in Poland in the field of medicine
Poznan University of TechnologyPoznanOne of the best technical universities in Poland
Poznan University of EconomicsPoznanAffordable business offers training in trade departments
Kracow University of TechnologyKrakowOne of the high-quality technical universities where graduates are highly preferred in Poland.
Kracow University of EconomicsKrakowOne of the Krakow universities providing education in finance, economics and business administration.
Jagiellonian UniversityKrakowThe university in the top 300 in the world ranking offers a prestigious education
University of LodzLodzFounded in 1945, the university offers engineering and social science education
Lodz Technical UniversityLodzThe school, which provides education in English, Polish and French, is at the forefront with its engineering departments.
Lodz Medical UniversityLodzA medium-sized TIP university in medical departments


Accommodation Solutions


Every year, undergraduate and master applications are made from many countries of the world to Poland, one of the countries with the highest number of university students in Europe. At the same time, thousands of students flow to the country within the scope of exchange programs such as Erasmus. Although some universities in Poland accept applications that start in February, the second semester, that is, undergraduate and master education in universities throughout the country starts in October. For this reason, thousands of foreign students search for dormitories and rental houses in September-October, which highlights the importance of accommodation organization and its ability to move quickly.

Oscar Education presents you with all the accommodation options in detail, taking into account the university options you are applying for, and provides a fast and secure organization for the most cost-effective and comfortable accommodation placements.


University Dormitories


The most preferred and applied accommodation options in Poland are university dormitories. However, although universities in cities other than Warsaw mostly provide dormitories, most of the Warsaw universities do not have dormitories and direct students to hostel/dormitory-style accommodation with which they have contracted. Again, it is very important to apply for accommodation early, as dormitory capacities are limited. This highlights the importance of early university application.


Oscar Education offers a very detailed accommodation solution to its students who will study in Poland by providing dormitories, student residences and student houses called Student Stay, where only students stay. Monthly dormitory fees of Polish universities vary between €100 and €250.


Student Houses


For our students who will study in Poland, they are located in different parts of Warsaw, and only university students from different countries of the world can stay in student houses. Accommodation is arranged before the start of education by providing our students with all the information they need, such as the fees, photos, distance to the university, transportation facilities, etc. Student residences are charged between €200 and €400 per month depending on single or more crowded room options. All the electricity, water, gas and internet needs of the houses are met by the student housing administration, the student only pays monthly bills.


Private Dormitory / Hostel Accommodation


Many private hostels in Poland only serve students and function as private dormitories. Short-term accommodation is possible in private dormitories with a monthly fee ranging from 200€ to a maximum of 400€. After staying for a month, the student can search for another accommodation option and leave the private dormitories at any time. Oscar Education provides its students with detailed information for both temporary and permanent accommodation organization through its service providers.

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