A-Level Training

What is A-Level?


The Advanced Level, known worldwide as the A-Level, is a qualification offered by the UK’s educational institutions. A-level studies are generally 2 years long and universities in the UK determine whether a student is eligible for undergraduate education accordingly.


Also, the vast majority of students receive A-level education at a private further education college. These institutions also offer broader vocational training. Qualification is the most common method UK universities use to determine if a candidate is a good fit for academic majors.


In Which Schools Can Students Take A-Level Education in England?

Oscar Education recommends the following institutions for A-Level education:

Bellerbys CollegeDuff Miller College
Brooke House CollegeInternational School of Creative Arts
Cambridge Tutors CollegeKings Education
CATS CollegeLansdowne College
Chelsea Independent CollegeLoughborough College
David Game CollegeWarwickshire College Group

Take A-Levels in the UK
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