Universities In Austria

Studying in Austria opens the doors to a successful future for students. Since all universities in the Austrian university system are state sponsored, the annual fees of universities are only 1,500 Euros! If you wish, you can apply to prestigious Vienna universities, study at Vienna universities, and take a perfect step for your future.


Why University Education in Austria is So Advantageous?


The University of Vienna is ranked 70th in the world’s best universities rankings and 9th in the European rankings. Universities in Vienna allow you to be preferred all over the world after you receive your diploma.


University System and Admission Requirement


Undergraduate Education in Austria lasts 3 years, the language of education is German. However, conditional admission to Austrian universities can be made with zero German knowledge. In other words, universities accept students on the condition that they learn German within one year. Students can receive German education for 1 year in the courses that universities have agreements with.


In order to receive undergraduate education in Austria, you must be eligible to study at any state university or foundation university that offers 4-year formal education in your country in the university exam. You can transfer to Austrian universities regarding the faculty and department you have earned in your country.


Documents required for license application

  • Four-Year High School diploma
  • University Placement Certificate
  • German language proficiency certificate at A2 level
  • Passport


Vienna universities are supported by the state and annual tuition fees are only 1,500 Euros.

Applying to Vienna universities, obtaining a residence permit and visa procedures is a long and complex process that must be managed and followed by a professional team. Oscar Education will always be with you during all transactions.


Application Time


You should plan your application for university education in Austria very well. Late applications often cause compulsory registration for the next semester. In Vienna, the academic system defines the summer and winter terms as independent academic calendars. Therefore, it is possible to apply for both academic terms.


Austrian Universities

University of ViennaViennaOne of the best social sciences universities in Europe, and only 1,500 Euros per year!
Vienna Technical UniversityViennaOne of the top 100 technical universities in the world and the best in Austria
Vienna Business and EconomicsViennaA very high quality option for students who will choose finance and business administration in Austria
Agricultural University of ViennaViennaFounded in 1872, the school, with its 40 institutes, is one of the foremost in Europe to receive education in the fields of agriculture.
Vienna Veterinary UniversityViennaThe first veterinary school of the German-speaking countries was established in 1765.


Accommodation Solutions


Dormitory fees vary between 300€ – 500€ per month, depending on single/double room options. While registering to the dormitories, a contract is made between the student and the dormitory, contracts are signed for at least one semester or one year. After the contract expires, the student can continue to stay in the same dormitory if there is available room, or if he finds a different accommodation option, he can move there.


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