Universities In America

Of course, it is a good idea to study in the USA to get a prestigious education and look to the future with confidence. Getting a university education in the USA is a process that needs to be well planned with the support of professional consultants. As Oscar Education, you can be sure that we will give you this support in the best way possible.


Studying at University in the USA


There are two basic methods you can follow for undergraduate education in the USA: You can either apply directly to a four-year university, or after registering for a two-year Community College, you can continue to a university of your choice for the third and fourth years and complete your undergraduate education. In both options, you will receive a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year university as a result. Community Colleges are the most preferred starting form for higher education in America. There are 3 main reasons for this:


  1. a) It is much easier and more effortless to register and get accepted to colleges than 4-year universities. In most cases, you will be accepted into training without having to take a high TOEFL score or SAT test.
  2. b) Community Colleges are much more economical than four-year universities. You can save a huge amount by spending your first year at these schools.
  3. c) Students who graduate from two-year colleges are directly accepted to most of the four-year universities in the United States and can continue their education without any interruption, and they have 2 diplomas because they have received the diploma of the university they graduated from.


If your preference is to be admitted directly to a 4-year university, then you have to take two exams. TOEFL and SAT. The scores you will get from these exams and your high school GPA are very important for admission to the university you are applying to. If your English level is not sufficient to pass the TOEFL and SAT exams, then first of all, you need to make up for these deficiencies by attending a university preparation program. Oscar Education gives you excellent support at this stage with two of America’s most powerful organizations.


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What advantages does an American university offer you?


Deciding where to study is as important as deciding to study abroad. American universities provide you with important advantages and equipment that you will carry throughout your life. Studying at a university in the USA brings with it many advantages. We recommend that you carefully examine these advantages when deciding how and where to get your university education.


In the USA, you will be able to study in the department you want by getting the YÖK 



Your high school diploma is sufficient to study at American universities. According to your high school diploma, you can get university education in any department you prefer. It doesn’t matter which high school or type of high school you graduated from. Even if you have graduated from vocational high schools, you can study in any department you want in American universities.

You will study at universities in America that are prestigious and accepted around the world.


When you look at the world university rankings, you will see that American universities are in the first place and in each category. American universities are among the best universities in the world in many different criteria such as prestige, quality, productivity, and international recognition. You will feel the advantages and privileges of having a university education in the USA throughout your life.


Cultural equipment and individual development advantages

Studying at a university in the USA not only gives you a good education and diploma, but also allows you to experience a very strong period of cultural development and self-confidence. The multicultural international society you will be in allows you to have a broad vision, to communicate easily with other cultures and nationalities, and to integrate easily with the whole world.

Arizona State UniversityTempe, ArizonaIt is in the top hundred in the ranking of the best universities in the world.
Westcliff UniversityCaliforniaA very good option for Business and MBA education in the USA
California State UniversityCaliforniaOne of the best quality in America with tens of undergraduate and master’s departments
California Lutheran UniversityCaliforniaBusiness master’s program in America’s top 20 business majors
Florida Institute of TechnologyFloridaUniversity with very high quality engineering departments. Favorite of international students
Los Angeles Film SchoolCaliforniaOne of the best film schools in the world
Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisiana130 year old university. One of the most successful engineering schools in the southern states
National UniversityCaliforniaOne of the alternative schools to get business education in America at affordable costs.
Texas Tech UniversityTexasOne of America’s top 25 technical universities
Manhattan Institute of Managementnew YorkIf you want to study and do an internship abroad at the same time, Manhattan Institute of Management is for you.
Concordia University ChicagoChicagoOne of the best options for business and MBA study
Webster UniversityMissouri, California, FloridaOne of the best university in the Midwest
Academy of Art UniversitySan FranciscoFounded in 1929, it is one of the oldest art, design and acting academies in the United States.
Northeastern UniversityBoston, MassachusettsOne of the best private universities in the USA where you can study in many departments from architecture to communication.


Community College Education in America


Community Colleges, which are an important part of higher education in the United States, draw attention with their similarity to Colleges in the education system of countries. Students who want to receive undergraduate education in the USA, after the first 2 years of Community College education, transfer to universities at the undergraduate level and are accepted as graduate students of that university after completing their education.


The main purpose of the education given in Community Colleges in the first 2 years is to prepare students for business life with vocational training modules. One of the biggest advantages of these schools is that the education costs are more affordable. In addition, admission requirements are more flexible than 4-year undergraduate applications. For this reason, every year thousands of students apply to Community Colleges to start their education in the USA. You can see the list of the most popular and high quality Community Colleges you can study in America below.


List of America’s Popular Community Colleges


Baruch Collegenew YorkCertificate and undergraduate programs in fields such as Psychology, Film Studies and Performing Arts
Dean CollegeFranklin, MassachusettsNamed one of America’s best Community Colleges in 2018
Citrus CollegeGlendora, CaliforniaA prestigious school with a deep rooted history of more than 100 years, which is also the favorite of American students.
Diablo Valley CollegePleasant Hill, CaliforniaThe school, which stands out with its engineering and architecture departments, is at the forefront with its magnificent campus.
Broward CollegeFort Lauderdae, FloridaLocated in one of Florida’s most beautiful coastal cities, the school is at the forefront with affordable tuition fees.
Foothill De Anza CollegeCupertino, California, Los Altos HillOffering the opportunity to transfer to many universities, the school has dozens of department options.
Fisher CollegeBoston, MassachusettsThe school, where you can study for 2 or 4 years, also offers short-term certificate programs.
Santa Monica CollegeSanta Monica, CaliforniaIt is one of the most comprehensive and popular colleges in America.
Orange Coast CollegeCosta Mesa, CaliforniaA wide range of accommodation options where you can study at Turkey’s costs
Seattle Central CollegeSeattle, WashingtonOutstanding achievement in the West Coast’s largest schools and 4-year university transfers

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