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Create Your Own English Program

Build your own English Program by combining your General English classes with additional course ‘options’ from Irish Culture, English for Fluency, Exam Preparation (Cambridge and IELTS) and/or one-to-one tuition. We also offer Academic Writing and Reading Enhancement Programs and Specialized English Programs designed for professionals working in the Business or Hospitality world.

All programs include:

  • FREE social programs and workshops

Social Monday – UCC (lectures, virtual tours, connected events, free university events)

Social Friday – Cork, Ireland and “ceol agus craic” (music and entertainment)

  • Communicative focus / events

General English (A2-C1)

You can create your course hereWatchesTime GMT *Day
General English (A2-C1) plus 3 options2011.00-13.00Through Monday to Friday
General English plus 2 options1811.00-13.00Through Monday to Friday
General English plus 1 option1411.00-13.00Through Monday to Friday
General English1011.00-13.00Through Monday to Friday
Independent OptionsSee below
*Times shown are for the General English programme. The durations of the additional ‘options’ are shown below.

Extra options

Extra OptionsWatchesTime  GMTDay
Irish Culture 1 (A2-C1)2nd14.00-16.00Tuesday
Irish Culture 2 (A2-C1)2nd14.00-16.00Friday
English for Fluency (A2 – C1)418.00-20.00Tuesday Thursday
Exam preparation (FCE / CAE / IELTS)418.00-20.00Monday & Wednesday
One-to-One LessonsTailored to suit you

Academic Development Programs (B2)

Academic Development Programs (B2)WatchesTime GMTDay
Academic Reading Skills12*09.00-11.00Monday & Wednesday
Academic Writing Skills12*09.00-11.00Tuesday Thursday

*Four hours plus eight hours of guided self-study per week in a group class

Specialization Courses (B1 – C1)

Specialization Courses (B1 – C1)WatchesTime GMTDay
Business and Professional English (2 weeks * 4 blocks)418.00-20.00Tuesday Thursday
Hospitality English (2 weeks * 3 blocks)416.00-18.00Tuesday Thursday

Summer Teacher Festival

29 June – 6 August

Summer Teacher FestivalworkshopsTime GMTDays and Dates
Summer Teacher Festival1-1111.00 – 13.00Monday* & Thursday

29 June- 4 August

Free mini-conferenceThursday

6 August

* In the last week, the workshop will be held on Tuesday, as Monday is a public holiday.

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