Online University

If you want to specialize, improve your proficiency and increase your job opportunities, but have good reasons to suspend your life, interrupt your job, or be away from your family, online training offers great opportunities for you. UK universities offer many of the best distance learning programs in Europe and the world.


British education is recognized worldwide for its high quality, and many people dream of graduating from a British university. It is much easier to realize this dream nowadays. Online undergraduate or graduate programs are the complete solution to their desired educational needs for candidates who think that moving to a foreign country is not the right option for them.

Regardless of where you live, online education programs are preferred by many students around the world with their flexible structure and much more affordable costs, where you can adapt your lesson hours without leaving your home.


Universities take distance education programs as seriously as campus education; this means that the undergraduate or graduate education you are receiving is equivalent to the formal education programs.


Who Can Benefit From Online Programs?

High school students who have completed the age of 16, high school graduates and anyone who wants to do a master’s degree can register, provided that they have an intermediate level of English. Those who want to live in Turkey and study at the university in England, who want to have a second diploma besides their regular school and who want to lay the foundations of their dream careers can apply to these programs.


What are the Advantages of Online Programs?

Online programs also have opportunities such as diplomas having international validity and YÖK equivalency, being much more affordable than formal programs, and a work permit after graduation. Students who are currently studying at a university in Turkey also have the advantage of obtaining a double degree by enrolling in these programs.


How do the trainings progress and how are they completed?

In online undergraduate programs, the first 2 years of the total 3-year program period are online, and the 3 years progress as online or campus education, depending on preference. 

The total cost of the program will vary depending on whether the last year’s education is online or on campus. After students complete the first two years of their undergraduate program by distance learning, they can complete their final year at a university campus in the UK. At the end of 3 years, students who have successfully completed the necessary evaluation stages are entitled to receive their diplomas.

You can see how the process works in Online University programs in the simple graphic below.


Which Chapters Can You Read?

If you want to enroll in an online undergraduate or graduate program in the following topics, you can contact us immediately.

Online Undergraduate Programs
Business Management – ​​Business Management
IT and Computer – IT and Computing
Sales and Marketing – Sales and Marketing
Accounting and Finance – Accounting and Finance
Tourism and Hotel Management – ​​Hotel and Hospitality
Leadership and Team Working
Health and Social Services – Health and Social Care
Human Resources Management – ​​Human Resources Management


Online Master’s Programs
Business and Administrative Management – ​​Business and Administrative Management
Business Strategic Management – ​​Business Strategic Management


What is the Cost of Online Undergraduate Programs?

The total fee for 1st and 2nd class is £7,000. For the 3rd year, you pay the one-year fee of the university you will attend in the UK. Considering that this fee is around £13,000 on average, the total tuition fee will be around £20,000. Add to this the one-year UK living costs of around £7,000 and you’ll be able to graduate for a total of £27,000.

Where you want to be in the future, ie, purely for you to discover the most suitable online university undergraduate and graduate programs according to the specific conditions  here  can fill in the resulting form by clicking or you can contact us directly via our communication channels.