Master Education in America

When you look at the world university rankings, you will see that the most American universities are in the first place and in each category. American universities are among the best universities in the world in many different criteria such as prestige, quality, productivity, international recognition. You will feel the advantages and privileges of having a master’s degree in America throughout your life.

Oscar Education offers you professional academic consultancy services in determining the most suitable university and graduate program for your goals, qualifications, potential and budget in the USA, where there are approximately 4000 universities.

When your English is not sufficient in America, you can apply with conditional admission. Conditional acceptance certificate documents that you can start your graduate education in the USA when you reach the required level of English. Thus, you will be able to start your English education with a university guarantee.

University scholarship opportunity in the USA

It will give you great advantages to follow the scholarships provided by the university you are placed in the USA and to apply at the appropriate time. It is possible to reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Application conditions

Some universities require taking the GRE or GMAT exam for graduate applications in the USA.

The GRE is an exam taken by students from all over the world, which must be taken by those who want to study for a master’s degree in any field in the United States. The GMAT, on the other hand, is a computer-based test that most schools in the United States require from graduate, MBA or doctoral students.

Both of these exams consist of parts such as quantitative, verbal (verbal) and composition (analytical writing). Average total length times are 3.5 hours.

Approximately 655,000 students take the GRE each year; 250,000 students take the GMAT exam.

To apply for MBA programs, IELTS must be at 6.5 and GPA must be 3.0/4.0 in most universities. Unlike MBA’s other master’s (master’s) programs, it requires work experience in the field. However, in some universities we work with, 2.75 GPA and work experience are not required.

Some universities’ internship programs are in high demand.

OPT is the maximum 12-month work permit that students who have enrolled in a master or certificate program in the USA for at least 9 months have at the end of the program.
The programs called STEM Programs and opened in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics are more advantageous than the social sciences branches in the USA. While graduates of these departments have a 3-year work permit in the United States, graduates from other departments are not allowed to work.
As Oscar Education, we provide professional support for you, our esteemed students, such as researching the appropriate department and school, contacting universities for applications, receiving admissions, arranging accommodation, visa process, pre-arrival and post-arrival orientations.

GRE EXAM (Graduate Record Examination)

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an exam that must be taken by students who want to study for master’s and doctorate education at all universities offering education in English. GRE, which is reminiscent of the SAT exam in terms of structure; It is two different exams as General Test and GRE Subject Test. It was first issued by the Educational Testing Service in 1949. It measures students’ verbal, numerical, writing and thinking skills.

GRE General Test

This exam takes 3 hours and is computer based. It consists of 3 different sections as Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical and the questions are multiple choice. In addition to these, there is also a section consisting of 2 questions that we can call Composition or Article Writing. Students should allocate 45 + 30 minutes to this section for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. In the first part, students are expected to make comments on the given topic, and in the second part, they are expected to reason about an argument. The exam is graded out of 800. The composition section is evaluated out of 6.

GRE Subject Test:

It is conducted to measure the proficiency of students who want to do postgraduate studies in eight disciplines. Some schools have stipulated the Subject Test along with the General Test.

It consists of 205 test questions with 5 choices. It consists of questions from 40% natural and experimental psychology, 43% social sciences and 13% other subjects.

The GRE exam consists of three multiple-choice parts; It consists of numerical, verbal, analytical and composition parts. In the composition section, 2 questions are asked to the student candidate. The first question consists of comments on a topic and has a duration of 45 minutes. In the second question, there is a 30-minute section in which an opinion on a topic is requested.

The GRE exam aims to measure a student’s focus, skills, and problem-solving abilities over a period of time. Verbal and numerical parts

Arizona State UniversityTempe, ArizonaIt is in the top hundred in the ranking of the best universities in the world.
Westcliff UniversityCaliforniaA very good option for Business and MBA education in the USA
California State UniversityCaliforniaWith dozens of undergraduate and master’s departments, it is one of the best quality in America.
California Lutheran UniversityCaliforniaBusiness master’s program in America’s top 20 business majors
Florida Institute of TechnologyFloridaUniversity with very high quality engineering departments. Favorite of international students
Los Angeles Film SchoolCaliforniaOne of the best film schools in the world
Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisiana130 year old university. One of the most successful engineering schools in the southern states
National UniversityCaliforniaOne of the alternative schools to get business education in the USA at affordable costs.
Texas Tech UniversityTexasOne of America’s top 25 technical universities
Manhattan Institute of ManagementNew YorkIf you want to study and do an internship abroad at the same time, Manhattan Institute of Management is for you.
Concordia University ChicagoChicagoOne of the best options for business and MBA study
Webster UniversityMissouri, California, FloridaOne of the best universities in the Midwest.
Academy of Art UniversitySan FranciscoMulti-established art academy in San Francisco where you can study acting, architecture, photography and art history
Northeastern UniversityBoston, MashachusettsOne of the best private universities in the USA, where you can study in many departments from architecture to communication.


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