Study in Malta

Malta, located in the middle of the Mediterranean, has been invaded by many nations throughout history due to its strategic location. The Maltese Islands, ruled by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, Knights of St. John, French and finally the British, have a rich culture, architecture, lifestyle and historical diversity bearing the traces of these nations. One of the most important features of Malta is its schools specializing in language education. Being a British Colony for 180 years, Malta’s second mother tongue being English and the country’s proximity to the important centers of Europe enabled the development of English schools in this country. Maltese language schools are hosting more and more students every year, due to the very economical education programs in the winter months and the extremely entertaining education programs in the summer months. This charming island in the south of Italy offers attractive opportunities for students who want to take a vacation while studying English language.