Cambridge Language Schools

Cambridge is located two hours by bus from London and on the River Cam. Cambridge’s population of around 130,000 has 27,000 students, mainly due, of course, to Cambridge University in the city. Cambridge University, founded in 1209, is the second oldest university in the world in English-speaking countries, after Oxford University, and the third oldest university in the world among all countries. In addition to Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University, the city’s other university, is among the country’s major universities. parks, vibrant nightlife, quality restaurants, culture and art centers make this charming city attractive for education. 


Cambridge, where students occupy an important place in city life, has many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. Most of the students prefer bicycles for urban transportation. Lively throughout the year, Cambridge hosts many festivals and fairs, especially in the summer months; These include Strawberry Fair, Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge Beer Festival, Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge Shakespeare Festival and Midsummer Fair, which has been taking place since 1211. Cambridge is also known as the city where the rules of football were first written. The rules written by Cambridge University academics in 1848 form the basis of today’s modern football. Some of the museums in Cambridge, which have an impressive historical texture; The Fitzwilliam Museum, Imperial War Museum Duxford, The Museum of Cambridge, University Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, and The Polar Museum. At the University of Cambridge, which consists of 31 colleges, the magnificent architecture of King’s College Chapel draws attention, and this magnificent structure is visited by millions of tourists.