Brighton Language Schools

Located on the English Channel coast in southeast England, Brighton is a temperate coastal city. Brighton, with a population of 250,000, is 50 minutes from London by train and only 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport. 


Brighton, a city that has made a name for itself with its lively life and beaches, hosts thousands of visitors from different corners of the world for tourism and education purposes. he sees. The city, which hosts a very young population, has a dynamic structure especially with its restaurants, bars, cafes and other entertainment venues on the coastline. Located in the city center and called The North Laine, there are many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. 


Churchill Square Shopping Center in the city center houses more than 80 stores. Museums to be visited in the city; Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Booth Museum of Natural History and Brighton Fishing Museum. On the other hand, The Grand Hotel, Brighton Pier, Brighton Clock Tower and The Royal Pavilion, which used to belong to the royal family but are open to the public today, are some of the places that can be seen… Brighton also makes a name for itself with its festivals. The Brighton Festival, held annually in May, is the second largest festival held in the UK. Within the scope of this festival; From theater to acrobatics, from visual arts to music, events are organized in many fields.