Stafford House School Of English

Stafford House School of English

Stafford House is one of the leading chain schools in Canada, the USA and the UK. The school caters to young learners and adult learners with alternative English language education programs. In particular, the General English programs, one-to-one lessons and quality IELTS trainings that it offers stand out. If you want to study with Canadians, Calgary would be the right location.


Why Calgary?

If you want to experience Canadian culture and improve your English in cities where there are few Turkish students, Calgary is one of the best locations in Canada.


Distinguishing Features

It is a school focused especially on General English and one-to-one English and exam English, and the number of Turkans is very low. Again, the low number of schools; It improves the dialogue between students and teachers and offers more student-oriented education opportunities.

Offered Programs

General English 

Exam Preparation Programs

Language Levels

Beginner A1, Basic A2, Pre-Intermediate B1, Intermediate B1+, Upper-Intermediate B2, Pre-Advanced B2+, Advanced C1, Proficiency C2

Social activities

Bar nights, Calgary city tours, Traditional Canadian days activities, especially for students to be more active in social life, where they can observe Canadians organized daily and weekly.

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Stafford House School Of English
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