Oxford St. Clare’s Language School

Location:  Oxford

Oxford St. Clare’s Language School was founded by a successful team of graduates from the UK’s top universities. The school is supported by the language resources of the University of Oxford. The city of Oxford, where the British population is concentrated, is composed of young population and there is a university at every step of the city. The city, which dates back to the 8th century, is also a center of attraction for tourists with its architecture and cultural background.

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Oxford ST Clare Key Features

It has accreditation with many important international educational institutions. (IB, British Council, ISA, ISC, English UK Member, ISI, PFE, IALC, University of San Diego, Oxford University)

Existence of course and training diversity

Located close to the best university in the world

Social spaces

Social events

Having academic studies and communicating with leading universities around the world

Excursions, cultural and social events

Variety of accommodation options

International student diversity (more than 40 students)

Courses for hobbies (photography, music)

Travel itineraries to different countries

IB summer schools, IB teacher programs

There are Teacher Training Programs under different program titles in the form of individual or group programs for the needs of English teachers.

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