Centre of English Studies (CES)

Locations: London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Leeds, Worthing, Harrogate, Dublin

Center of English Studies, which has many accreditations, was established in 1979 and is recognized by ACELS and the British Council. It is one of the most respected language schools in Europe with 30 years of experience. He is also a founding member of MEI (Member of Marketing English in Ireland) in Ireland and a member of English UK. CES, which was awarded the “Europe Star English Language School” award in 2007, has developed its own special teaching techniques with different methods.


Key Features of CES

. Having branches in central cities of England

. It has achieved the success of receiving the “European Star Language School” award for 5 consecutive years.

. At CES the programs are grouped (adult, youth, teachers)

. Course variety

. Variety of accommodation

. CES is the official IELTS Exam Center.

. The school has many free activities. Especially since the School is located in the region where Wimbledon tennis tournaments are organized, it provides free tennis training opportunities to students who are interested in tennis.

. Social Activity Events

. Class groups of up to 12 people are available.

. There are Teacher Training Programs under different program titles in the form of individual or group programs for the needs of English teachers.


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Centre of English Studies (CES)
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