Loxdale English Centre Language School

Location: Brighton

Founded in 1968, the Loxdale Center is located in the English seaside city and tourist center of Brighton. The school attracts thousands of students from different countries every year due to its quality of education. Therefore, the school is a center of attraction for all age groups. Only 3 km from the city center, the school with its traditional Victorian architecture is located on lush green grounds and offers a wide variety of opportunities to students. By train from Brighton to London it takes only 45 minutes to the central station. The majority of students coming from abroad for language education prefer Brighton, the popular city of England, after London. The city, which has various festivals, is also a place where the royal family spends their summer vacation.


Key Features of Loxdale English Center Language School

. There is a diversity of international students.

. There are social and cultural activities that appeal to all ages. (Day tours in the city and outside the city)

. The school organizes trips both in England (ice skating, bowling, festivals, historical place trips, disco under the supervision of an educator) and abroad in order to provide students with the opportunity to practice English.

. The student who enrolls in the school can take different courses after the course. (Photography, different culture cooking courses, computer courses, art courses, etc.)

. Special summer schools are available for three different age groups as school 8 – 12 / 13 – 17 and adults. There are also winter school programs for people over 12 years old.

. Educational programs are available for every student’s budget.

. It has accreditation with important institutions such as the British Council, English Uk Member.

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