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Oscar Education contributes to equipping your skills in schools that will enable you to be successful in many disciplines of the unique art form, in the field of Ballet and Dance education.

Classes in Ballet and Dance schools combine theoretical and practical training. Provides strong links with the industry, allows you to be trained by professionals in almost all classes

Teamwork in these schools will enable the development of critical, theoretical and performance skills in all areas as well as creative and discipline.

Oscar Education partners with most universities, art schools or conservatories in the UK. Thus, your ballet, dance and drama modules will be with you in the development of your history, technique, choreography, appreciation, movement studies, concepts and cultures, play staging and theater technique.

The London Ballet Company School
Dance Shack School
Royal Academy of Dance
Central School of Ballet
English National Ballet School
Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance
Good Toes School of Ballet