Education in the UK

England is one of the countries that immediately comes to mind when it comes to studying abroad and its popularity is increasing. England, which hosts distinguished educational institutions with hundreds of years of academic tradition such as Cambridge and Oxford, and deep-rooted education systems, has a say in many scientific fields. In addition, it attracts more than 450,000 students from more than 180 countries every year with its thousands of years of rich history and traditional lifestyle. In addition to London, one of the most important capitals of the world, it includes many cities that attract students with their unique beauties such as Manchester, Bournemouth and Brighton.

The management systems, education quality, accommodation options and social facilities of all the schools we have contracted with are above certain standards and are approved by the British Council and are regularly audited.

England, which is in the first place in education with its rich history, traditional lifestyle and different culture, as well as distinguished educational institutions and deep-rooted education system, is home to thousands of foreign students who want to learn English.



Almost all of the schools in England are quality schools with English UK and British Council accreditation. With Oscar Education you can find the right city, school and program for yourself in the UK.

Language education abroad is given for many different purposes. For example, after language education, students who will continue their university education are offered academic language programs, exam preparation programs, business, law, tourism, medical English, etc. programs for those who want to increase their language skills in a special field, and many programs for many different purposes.

The existence of different course types in England, besides being a country with wide opportunities, also offers students who want different types of activities a multiple choice opportunity.

A) General and Intensive English Programs

The purpose of this training; It is to give the person the ability to speak, pronounce, write and understand. Regardless of the level of English, it is not possible to increase the level without participating in the general and intensive English program. Because in this program, education is given based on the infrastructure, grammar and other subtleties of the language.

The start date of the programs is every Monday, and students who have completed the general English program can take the programs they want in addition. The course duration, which varies between 1 and 52 weeks, is determined depending on the student’s request.

B) Academic English Courses

To participate in this program, a certain level of English is required. Anyone who has reached the minimum level called B1 level can benefit from this program.

The aim of the academic English courses is to take and be successful in the IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge exams that those who want to study in the UK and other English-speaking countries, those who want to do a master’s and doctorate, must attend. With the academic program, it is aimed for the students to be successful by providing preparation training for these exams. During the course, everything is done for the student to be successful by giving exam preparations, preparatory exams, tests and practical training.

C) Private Lessons

One of the general education given in English language schools is private lessons. Anyone can attend these classes. For business life, those who want to improve their English, those who want to speak academic English, etc. These programs, which everyone can participate in, are among the services provided by language schools. It is an undeniable fact that people who receive language education in the UK have a faster grasp of the intricacies of English and learn faster.

D) Professional English and Business English Courses In today’s world where technology and finance fields are developing, it is necessary to know a foreign language well in order to have a good career. It is possible to achieve this thanks to professional English and business English courses, which are among the course types in England. English used in business needs to be more formal. It should be emphasized that training in many areas such as addressing people, marketing language, persuasion and acceptance language is required. All this can be achieved with business English courses.

In addition, English, which should be used in fields such as law, finance, management, tourism, engineering, medicine, dentistry, and academics, can be reached after passing a rigorous training program. It is much easier to achieve with professional English courses serving in this field.

E) VIP Courses

Although time is limited, VIP courses are the type of course that those who want to learn English in a short time apply. Thanks to this education, which is among the services of English language schools, it is possible to learn and speak the language as soon as possible. It has been made easier for people with high status such as deputies, business world celebrities, managers, bureaucrats, district governors, and governors to learn English by taking advantage of VIP courses and training programs spread over a short period of time.

In addition, English, which has become obligatory in law, finance, management, tourism, engineering, medicine, dentistry and academic fields, can only be reached after a rigorous education program.



Summer schools abroad are a good opportunity for children to spend their holidays more actively and productively at the beginning of the summer vacation. Thus, students will not only have experience abroad at an early age, but also learn to explore different cultures at a young age. They make friends from different countries and have an extraordinary summer school experience while receiving language training. Many students between the ages of 8-17 have this experience.

– He plans lessons for 15 to 20 hours a week in his schools. These lessons vary between 45 and 50 minutes depending on age groups.

– The classes of the students are determined by the placement test held on the first day of school.

– There are a maximum of 15 students in the classes.

– Lessons weight