Who are we?

Oscar Education is a company established in London, England. It provides professional service with its experienced team of experts to groups and individuals who want to go to England, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, America and Canada from all over Turkey and the World for educational or cultural purposes.

Britain has become a center of attraction with its world-renowned education system, well-established universities and language schools. Oscar Education: signed agreements with distinguished universities and language schools on behalf of success-oriented students. In addition, it continues to make agreements with institutions such as arts and sports schools, internship and career centers. In this way, students have the opportunity to easily access the abroad education programs that best suit their personal expectations, among hundreds of options. Oscar Education supports the development of the student in academic, social and cultural areas at every stage of the educational journey, including consultancy services, and does not charge for this. London-based Oscar Education, together with its representatives in other countries, helps to meet all kinds of needs of students coming to these countries. This provides a distinct advantage for students and parents.

Oscar Education helps everyone who wants to come to countries such as England, America, Canada, Ireland and Malta from all over the world for educational and cultural purposes to reach the most suitable options for their personal expectations.

The biggest goal and reward for Oscar Education is to see the satisfaction and smiles on faces at the end of the education period.

And again, the biggest dream for Oscar Education is to be one step ahead and a preferred institution at every stage of our career.